Research Data Management and Sharing MOOC

If you are looking for further training on key aspects of RDM, we recommend the Research Data Management and Sharing MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). This free Coursera course was created by the Universities of Edinburgh and North Carolina.

The five-week course is designed to reach learners across disciplines and continents, and provides training on data management following the key stages of any research project:

  1. Understanding Research Data
  2. Data Management Planning
  3. Working with Data
  4. Sharing Data
  5. Archiving Data

The course uses the Coursera on-demand format to provide short, video-based lessons and assessments across a five-week period, but learners can proceed at their own pace. Although no formal credit is assigned for the MOOC, Statements of Accomplishment will be available to any learner who completes a course for a small fee (financial aid available).

Do-It-Yourself Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians

The DIY RDM Training Kit for Librarians was retired in 2021, and these materials are now available as an open learning resource from Zenodo.

For librarians and others looking to deliver RDM training, we recommend using the Research Data Management and Sharing MOOC.

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