MANTRA is a free online course for those who manage digital data as part of a research project.
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Career Researcher

Career Researcher

Career Researcher
MANTRA is for you if you want to reflect on your current research data management (RDM) practice, and devise or revise plans for future research projects and funding bids.

3 things you might want to use MANTRA for:
- Reflect on your current data management practice or develop research data management plans.
- Browse through the content and work on the units that are more relevant to you.
- Use specific content as reference resources and to evaluate your own practice.

We recommend that you start exploring:
Data management plans

"I found this excellent... My personal favourites related to organising data - I certainly found it helpful to have a more systematic way of naming files and folders. Like the working examples that the students have to do too!"

Senior Research Fellow in Social and Political Science

The University of Edinburgh
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