MANTRA is a free online course for those who manage digital data as part of a research project.
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MANTRA is for you if you want to help students finding relevant information about research data management (RDM), and if you want to revise your RDM plans and learn more about open data.

3 things you might want to use MANTRA for:
- Discovering content that might help students and be useful in teaching and learning activities.
- Checking content and recommended resources to revise research data management plans.
- Gaining awareness of good RDM practices and benefits of data sharing and licensing.

We recommend you have a look at:
Software practicals (relevant for your students)
Sharing, Preservation and Licensing

“The tricky thing with qualitative [data is that] you’re trying to teach across so many discipline areas and levels of ability. It’s always quite difficult to teach and pitch but I thought [MANTRA] was really useful in providing the basics and at the other end the more advanced stuff that I don’t have the time or space to cover in the course.”

Lecturer in Sociology

The University of Edinburgh
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