MANTRA is a free online course for those who manage digital data as part of a research project.
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Research Student

Research Student

Research Student
MANTRA is for you if you want to learn how to manage the data you collect during your research and want to practice with real datasets and learn how to use R, SPSS, NVivo or ArcGIS.

3 things you might want to use MANTRA for:
 - Introduction to concepts and terminology of Research Data Management (RDM)
 - Overview of strategies to collect and manage research data for dissertations, reports, fieldwork
 - Examples of how to plan and develop research projects (data gathering, analysis and storage)

We recommend that you start with the unit:
Research data in context

"I found the module on ‘File formats and Transformations’ really useful as I knew very little about this subject. One of the most important points that this module made was the difference between operating systems in relation to file formats. As researchers share more and more work this will become an increasingly important issue..."

Postgraduate student in History of the Americas

The University of Edinburgh
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